The Max Cleland Collection: Vietnam Audio Clips

Max Cleland sent home more than eight hours of commentary from Vietnam in 1967 and 1968. Originally on tapes, the audio has been digitally remastered resulting in remarkable clarity, complete with helicopters and artillery in the background of many of his tapes. Below are a few clips. The complete
CD set is held in the library’s Special Collections.

I’m glad to see that Martin Luther King, Ronald Reagan and the Republicans are coming out for peace in Vietnam….

1 minute, 15 second audio clip

I’m gradually beginning to feel like an old veteran….

31 second audio clip

I’m afraid I can’t offer any neat, pat solution to the situation over here….

1 minute, 9 second audio clip

Well, hello fellow peace lovers – this is your lonely jungle disc jockey….

28 second audio clip

…And it is a war, in case you haven’t noticed….

1 minute, 20 second audio clip

AnKay itself about a week ago got hit…. It’s a hell of a way to be woken up in the middle of the night….

51 second audio clip

I’m very proud to be here…. Charlie’s trying to get up on our frequency on our radio….

1 minute, 3 second audio clip

One of my best friends… stepped on a landmine…. Services will be held for him tomorrow.

38 second audio clip

There are no quick victories possible… There are no quick or easy solutions to the problem….

1 minute, 17 second audio clip

The question is really one that is far above the question of just preserving a semi-dictatorship in Saigon.

49 second audio clip

So as my tour comes to a climax, so does the war….

15 second audio clip