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A student kisses a therapy dog

Therapy Dogs Tuesday 10 March

Stressed about your midterms? Feeling worn out staying up late writing papers? Sounds like you need to visit with some therapy dogs. Come to the library on Tuesday 10 March from 10:00 – 4:00 and take a break with some adorable stress relievers.

Therapy dogs are specially trained dogs that are very friendly to people and other animals. Spending just a few minutes with them helps relieve stress and promote relaxation.


Infographics Contest

The duPont-Ball Library is sponsoring an infographics contest for Spring 2015 semester. The winners will receive an Amazon gift card. An infographic visually presents research and data in an aesthetically pleasing, concise, and easy to understand way. You do not need to be a graphic artist to create an infographic, just be able to present data coherently and creatively.

All Stetson University students enrolled in the Spring 2015 semester are eligible to enter the contest. Visit this page for more information.

Two Laptops Accessing Books Online

Wireless Networks Across Campus

Information Technology worked to simplify the wireless network on campus. You will need to connect to the wireless network by searching for “Faculty/Staff” or “Student” as appropriate. You will use your Stetson username (the first part of your email address before the @ symbol) and password to connect to the network. Once you have connected for the first time, you will no longer need to enter this information in the future.

In all residence halls, the wireless network remains “Stetson University” and requires no login information. While the duPont-Ball Library has both the “Stetson University” as well as the new “Faculty/Staff” and “Student” wireless networks, “Stetson University” would be the preferred network to connect to as it covers the entire building.


3D Scanning and Printing

Interested in 3D printing? Want to know about the many ways this technology can help with your classes? The duPont-Ball is here to help. We have three 3D printers and a 3D scanner. You can use the two MakerBot printers to 3D print from pre-made files, from your own models, or from a scan of your favorite object. The options are endless.

The duPont-Ball Library also owns a UPrint SE Plus 3D printer. The printer offers high-end ABS filament printing with dissolvable rafting/scaffolding. Because of the cost of this machine and the cost of the materials to support it, this printer is restricted to academic print jobs by appointment Monday-Friday beginning at 8:30 am. Print jobs must be completed by 5:00 pm. Other print jobs may be done any time the library is open on the library’s two MakerBot printers which do NOT require reservations.

To reserve a time to use the printer visit this page.

Ask at the Circulation Desk for more information and to use the printers and scanner. These tools are available for student use during the hours the library is open. All 3D printing jobs must be finished 15 minutes before closing time.


Collaboration Station Now Available

UPDATE: The room now has a collaboration table making it easier to connect your laptop to the screen. The collaboration table and station are ideal for group projects. Turn on the TV, connect your laptop to the cables (3 HDMI and 1 VGA) located in the silver trays on the table top, and press the “play” button on the cable. We also have a Mac adapter.

Have group work where you all need to see the screen at once?

Try the new Collaboration Station in the Taylor (Large Group) Study Room next to the front desk. Check out the peripheral equipment at the front desk with your Stetson ID like any item on reserve.

Please let us know how you like it and how you’re using it.