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UPDATED: The Library Will Be Closed 11/11/22 and reopen normal hours on Saturday

UPDATED: On the morning of Friday, 11/11/22, the library remains without power due to the effects of Hurricane Nicole. Since Duke Energy does not expect to restore power until late in the day, the building will remain closed throughout 11/11 and will not reopen its doors until Saturday, 11/12, at the normal time of 10 AM. Online services including Ask a Librarian are still available.

QEP equals Gather Analyze Present

QEP Workshop: Are All Sources Created Equal?

Are some information sources better than others? Why do some assignments require you to use peer-reviewed articles or empirical articles? Why are some sources considered inappropriate for a research paper? In this  workshop, you will learn about different sources of information, how they are created, and ways to use them in a research project. Cultural Credit is available for this QEP workshop. 

RSVP for Nov. 2, 7 pm to 8 pm in the East Room (Library 1st floor)
RSVP for Nov. 3, 12 noon to 1 pm in the East Room (Library 1st floor)

Contact: Jennifer Corbin, [email protected]

Celebrate Faculty Authors and Tenures/Promotions!

Every year, Stetson faculty who gain tenure and/or are promoted to Associate Professor are invited to add one book of special meaning to them to the duPont-Ball Library collection. Those books, as well as books written or contributed to by members of Stetson’s faculty in the past year, are currently on display on the main floor of the library.

Stop by and check them out, or visit the 2022 Fall Faculty Celebration page to read all about them!