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Join the Virtual SF Book Club to Discuss HG Wells’ “The War of the Worlds”!

In difficult times, fiction can provide an escape – or hold up a mirror to the challenges we face. Read about a nation under siege from Martians and discuss how our own situation compares!

This special virtual edition of the duPont-Ball SF Book Club will meet online in Microsoft Teams at 4 p.m. on Thursday, April 23 – about two weeks from now. Email cfinkle@stetson.edu with the subject line “Book Club” for information on how to participate.

H.G. Wells’ “The War of the Worlds is a classic work of science fiction that invented the “alien invasion” genre. It has been adapted dozens of times, including in a famous 1938 radio drama by Orson Welles that may or may not have incited mass panic. The book (available for free here) will take a quick reader only about four hours to get through, and the radio drama (available on YouTube here) is only an hour.

On April 23, we will gather online to discuss the themes and legacy of the story. Cultural Credit will be offered to participating students! Once again, sign up by emailing cfinkle@stetson.edu with the subject line “Book Club!”

Join the YA Book Club for Cultural Credit and a Free Book! (4 Spots Left, Now Virtual)

Join the library’s YA Book Club this semester as we read Renegades by Marissa Meyer.  Contact Elizabeth Martino at ecmartino@stetson.edu to sign up.  We have four books left so sign up soon.  (We can mail the book to you if you are off campus.)  The YA Book club meeting will be held virtually on Friday, April 24th, at 2 pm.  Participation is limited to 15 people and a free book will be provided to participants.  This is a cultural credit event.

Innovation Lab Workshops – Cultural Credit Available!

Sign up for one of our Innovation Lab Workshops, where you can learn about how all the exciting tech in the Innovation Lab applies to your life and studies! Learn about 3D printing, 3D scanning, VR, and much more – plus, you can get Cultural Credit!

Spots are limited, so be sure to sign up early via LibCal. Click here to sign up!

UPDATE 3/16/20: In order to comply with social distancing guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19, this event has been cancelled for the rest of the semester.

(Note: only one cultural credit per student, so don’t sign up for more than one time. They’re all the same event.)

Vote on the Spring SF Book Club selection!

This semester, the library will be running two book clubs – the Speculative Fiction Book Club meeting in late February, and the YA Book Club meeting in April. Now is your chance to vote on which book the SF club will read!

“Speculative Fiction” is a catch-all term referring to fiction that contains elements that do not or could not exist in the real world. It encompasses Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, and more besides – and many of the genre bending books on this shortlist include all those elements as well. Read the descriptions and place your votes now! Signups to join the club will open soon.

Stetson’s Haunted History Tour (Register Today!)


Guide for tour: https://guides.stetson.edu/HauntedHistory2019 

Register here today for our Haunted History Tour of Stetson! This brief walking tour will allow you to experience the most haunted places on campus!

We’ll tell the tales of tragedy, romance, murder, and mystery which have haunted Stetson students for ages. We’ll explore the fact and fiction of Stetson’s ghostly legends.

The tour will take place Wednesday, October 30th from 6:30pm – 8:00pm. We’ll start on the library steps for our tour around campus. Make sure to sign up today!


Get a FREE BOOK with the duPont-Ball Book Club! (UPDATE: Waitlist only)

The people have spoken, and this semester’s Book Club book will be I Shall Wear Midnight, by Terry Pratchett!

The book club meeting will be held in the library on Monday, November 11th at 6:30 PM, so please do not sign up if you will not be available to attend this event. The meeting will feature discussion, food, and cultural credit.

We have fifteen copies of the book to give out to the first fifteen applicants. All you have to do is email cfinkle@stetson.edu with the subject line “Book Club” to sign up! You will then receive instructions on how to retrieve your book.

I Shall Wear Midnight is a novel of Discworld. “As the witch of the Chalk, Tiffany Aching performs the distinctly unglamorous work of caring for the needy. But someone—or something—is inciting fear, generating dark thoughts and angry murmurs against witches. Tiffany must find the source of unrest and defeat the evil at its root.”

Vote on the Fall duPont-Ball Book Club book!

The duPont-Ball Book Club is returning this fall, and you get to decide what book we’ll read! Take a look at the descriptions in the poll, then vote for your favorite here. The winner with the most votes by this weekend will be available for free for the first 15 people to sign up for the book club, who will then come to the library to discuss it later in the semester!

If the poll doesn’t embed properly for you, you can also access it here. Voting ends Friday at midnight!